Angel Gruev - Dance

I was so excited when I took this Photography, I found the right angle, I caught the light, caught the moment and finally I took the desiring Photography that allows me to transmit the expression of the sculpture in the best artistic way, by my opinion.
Watching it, I could imagine the move that the Rider was making the move... just beautiful experience.

Crown of the Nature

Angel Gruev - Crown of the Nature
Beautiful Tree silhouette at the Sunset


Angel Gruev - Sculpture

Portrait Number 5

Angel Gruev - Portrait Number 5

White plane

Angel Gruev - White plane. Minimalistic.


Angel Gruev - Superman

Sunflowers Garden

Angel Gruev - Sunflowers Garden

Squares Suns

Angel Gruev - Land Solar System - Squares Suns

Moon rising

Angel Gruev
Picture of the Moon rising above the Sea horizon.


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